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Don't take our word for it...

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StellarHE has allowed me to develop my personal self and to then apply my learnings through my career and personal life.

The programme allowed me to see things differently – pick my battles wisely.
If you’re passionate about an initiative - own it; to be proud of what I have already achieved, and to look into the future to set goals and ambition.


It was great to be able to meet so many different people who were open to sharing their views, goals, challenges and aspirations.

The programme has definitely inspired me to lead with passion in an authentic way.”

- LaiHa Diamond, Business Support Manager (KCBS), King's College London 

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"Inspirational, empowering and transformational are the three words that I would use to describe the impact of StellarHE. The programme definitely opened my eyes to a new way of leading and positioned me to take control, value my contribution and make the world of work, work in my favour. I can honestly say that the programme was a real turning point, and as a result I‘ve crafted my individual leadership path and built on my strengths.


As an authentic Leader, I emerged with a changed mindset recognising that I am not a victim of my environment. Rather, I can shape how I am perceived and communicate what I can contribute the value I bring to my profession." 

-Marcia Jacks, Institute Manager
University College London


Mona Sabetian Khaira.png

"StellarHE has provided me with the space and time to reflect and to invest in myself to be the diverse leader I am today – BAME in HE leadership, bringing a diversity of thought to the UK higher education sector.


By bringing my authentic diverse self to the work place, I provide opportunities for myself, my team, our lovely students and my caring colleagues. Be yourself more with skill rolls off my tongue these days."

- Mona Sabetian Khaira
Kingston University


Stellar HE taught me that my diversity is my unique strength and to use my authentic voice to speak up and change the status quo.  I may need to shout a little louder and repeat my point several times, but it is worth seeing change eventually materialise before your very eyes for the benefit of all staff and students who follow.

The programme modules offered ways to deal with distinct challenges and provided a safe space to just talk things through. Reflective assessments after each module took me to a calm place to pause and think about what I had learnt about successful leadership and the competencies I needed to nurture to make a transformative and sustainable impact at my institution.”


- Barbara Adewumi, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Kent

Daguo Li.jpg

"StellarHE was a milestone in my journey to Diverse Leadership. It was an inspiring and transformative experience for me.  I had a lot of opportunity to discuss and reflect on what it means to be a Diverse Leader and where I can draw strengths. As a result of participation in the programme, I have become more confident about my identity as a Diverse Leader which will continue to inspire me in my leadership in international education in my own institution and beyond."


- Dr Daguo Li, Director China Partnerships, Vice-Dean, NUIST Reading Academy, University of Reading

William Ackah.jpg

"StellarHE was an empowering and inspiring programme that taught me the value of bringing my authentic self into the workplace. Since participating in the programme I have gained a prestigious Fulbright research scholarship and been elected Chair of the Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race."

- Dr William Ackah, Lecturer in Community and Voluntary Sector Studies, Birkbeck, University of London

Karen Lipsedge.png

"The StellarHE programme helped me to feel proud of my diverse cultural background and showed me how to demonstrate that pride through my leadership role. Now, I can draw strength from the value I bring to my University as a different leader, who is authentic and open to change and growth, and who strives to foster a spirit of community in which all can grow and thrive in their journey to reach their full potential.


Thank you StellarHE."


-Karen Lipsedge, Associate Professor in English Literature and Chair of Race Equality Charter SAT

Anindita Ghosh.jpg

"I was simply blown away by what StellarHE was telling me. I had never considered my race as an important part of my identity at work. But StellarHE gave me new insights into seeing myself as BAME and a leader in what I do. It showed me my strengths, inspired me to aspire more and gave me the confidence to believe I can achieve whatever I want."

- Professor Anindita Ghosh
The University of Manchester

Mike Kelly.jpg

StellarHE should be an integral part of organisational development. I found it incredibly effective, approaching leadership development and cultural competence in a unique way.


It is a ‘must-do’ programme for everyone, especially in light of the greater diversity of students and the accelerating rate of globalisation.”


- Mike Kelly, Library Space and Facilities Manager
The University of Manchester

Now enrolling for Cohort 17

StellarHE is targeted at Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse individuals who aspire to senior leadership positions in Higher Education. We welcome Professional Support Staff, Academics and Researchers at a middle to senior management level.

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