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Providing inspiration, connections and mutual support for StellarHE participants

The first-annual StellarHE Alumni Conference was held on 27 June 2018 at the University of Manchester.


It was a powerful, insightful and inspirational day for the 40+ Alumni who were able to attend. We laughed, networked, snacked (!) and really connected as a group.


The best part? The stories shared by StellarHE Alumni about their leadership journeys and achievements, including:

Hugely increased professional visibility

A large number of promotions and additional leadership responsibilities

Increased comfort, confidence and skill in our authentic selves

Legacy building community activities

Now, more than ever, StellarHE makes a difference to the lives of BAME leaders in Higher Education. 

So what's next?

The dream for StellarHE is to be a force for transformational change in the Higher Education sector as we continue to share best practice and leadership strategies for Diverse Leaders. StellarHE alumni are a critical part of StellarHE's ongoing success as we continue to provide support and inspiration to each other. 


The StellarHE Alumni Conference will now be an annual event due to its success - we're making the dream happen! In the meantime, please connect with each other on Linkedin and join our online group so we can keep the conversations going. 


StellarHE Alumni

StellarHE Alumni represent over 20 Higher Education Institutions


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