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Diverse Leaders

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We're very proud of the StellarHE programme and love to talk about it!

You'll find information on the programme, our approach, and how to make an application in the Stellar 2024 and Enrol sections of this site.

Read through the FAQs to answer any immediate queries you may have, and view the enrolment form for all session dates.

To discuss a specific element of the programme, click below to get in touch with our team.


Should I join through my university or can I apply on my own?
Whilst it is possible to apply on your own, to date our participants have applied through their university which ensures that their participation and enrolment fee are supported.

Am I required to attend all of the workshops?
Yes, your attendance at all the workshops is essential to get the most out of this experiential learning programme. If you miss a session you may be able to catch up on specific exercises but not on the discussions that take place. If you unsure about any of the dates outlined in the application form, please consider applying for a future cohort to get the full experience.

How much pre-work is involved ?
Each module requires roughly 3 hours of pre-work.

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